Speaker Information Portal

Everything you need to know as a speaker at the AAEE2023 Biennial National Conference. Enter the code AAEE SPEAKER at check out for access to early bird pricing!

Monday, 25th September – Conference Day 1

Smoking Ceremony, Field Trips & Green Hour Gathering Sundowner

Tuesday, 26th September – Conference Day 2

Conference & Conference Dinner

Wednesday, 27th September – Conference Day 3

Conference & Research Symposium

Key Dates & Arrival Information

C.O.B Thursday, 21 September – Presentation Submission

We’ll be combining all PowerPoint slides into singular decks to help with flow on the day. Please submit your presentations via the dropbox link below before C.O.B Thursday to ensure we can get the slide decks prepped in advance of the conference. 

On Arrival

Registration will be held at building 40 each day. On arrival, please come and grab your name badge from the registration desk. You can use the interactive UOW map to familiarise yourself. A site map has been included below as well. In regards to parking and other modes of getting to the university, check out the GETTING HERE page.



Speakers, your 20 minute presentation is INCLUSIVE of Q&A. We suggest leaving 2 – 3 mins within your 20 minutes IF you would like facilitate Q&A.

Have your PowerPoint presentation submitted along with any videos you are planning to play during your presentation to the Dropbox link below by 21 September 2023.

Please embed the videos within your PowerPoint. Submitting the videos to Dropbox is a precaution so that we have a back-up in case anything goes wrong.

Ensure the PowerPoint file is labelled with your name and presentation title, and videos are labelled with name and the slide number you would like to play them. 16:9 Format.

Ensure the copy you are uploading is a final copy to save any updates on the conference day.

Room Allocations

The website program has now been updated with the rooms your presentations will take place in!

See below for a map of both building 20 and building 40. If you have time prior to your sessions, go for a quick walk and familiarise yourself.


We appreciate any help we can get in promoting our conference to your audiences. 

Below we have included some downloadable materials as well as relevant links to share with whoever may be interest! You can include the email signature in your emails and post the speaker badge to your social media. Make sure you tag the Australian Association for Environmental Education when sharing, and use the hashtags #aaee #aaee23


Please find information for the conference on our accommodation page. We recommend getting in as soon as possible to ensure you can secure suitable accommodation. 


 Conference Venue

University of WollongongNorthfields Ave, Wollongong NSW 2522

Interactive Map: Plenary, Research Symposium and some workshops to be hosted in Building 40. Breakouts, catering and display tables are in Building 20.

FAQ – Answers to your burning questions

  • How do I attend the conference dinner?
    • It’s right at the top of the ticket types, don’t forget to add it on to your order!
    • Click here to learn more about the dinner, it will be hosted at City Beach Function Centre on the foreshore
  • I am unable to afford the registration cost

    • We are providing a speaker discount and differing ticket types to be as inclusive as possible
    • The policy has been clear from the start, and to remain fair, we must treat all of our presenters with the same conditions
    • There is a large cost associated with running conferences and registrations are the primary way we cover these costs so please keep this in mind!
  • Will I get a refund on my ticket if I can’t make it?
    • Refunds will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the Committee.
  • Why is there no virtual event?
    • The costs associated with hosting a virtual event across five streams is substantial and unlikely to be recouped by virtual ticket sales.
    • As a not-for-profit, the budget is not unlimited and unfortunately with costs rising, this option was deemed unaffordable.
    • The Research Symposium will have the plenary and one break-out streamed virtually, registration is available in Humanitix
  • Can I present virtually?
    • We are not offering virtual presentation for this conference
    • With the large amount of abstracts submitted, and presenters being required to register for an in-person conference, it is our preference to give opportunities to those who can be there in person
  • I don’t want to attend the full conference, what do I do?
    • The policy is all presenters must register, be that a single day or 3-day registration. You may not attend your presentation unless you purchase a registration to the conference.
  • How do I attend the Research Symposium
    • The symposium is available for all conference ticket holders to take part in
    • Treat the symposium as a break-out stream, you can attend and drop-in and out of sessions through-out the day as you like
  • Where do I enter the promo code?

    • The registrations section in the speaker portal will show you
    • Look for the ‘Access Hidden Tickets’ text box below the virtual symposium ticket type to enter your code or use the link.
  • I can’t attend my allocated session
  • Let Florian know at florian@partnerandprosper.com.au and we’ll see what we can do!



First Point of Contact

Florian Yates

Project Coordinator, Partner&Prosper

Phone 08 9443 3468

Email: florian@partnerandprosper.com.au

Second Point of Contact

Jan Bryson

Director, Partner&Prosper

Phone: 08 9443 3468

Email: jan@partnerandprosper.com.au

Conference Convener

Dr Peter Andersen

University of Wollongong

Phone: 0458 458 089

Email: petera@uow.edu.au

Conference Convener

Sue Martin


Phone: 0432 716 577

Email: sue@kcj.net.au