Using our 2023 Conference theme ‘Listening to Country, Learning Together and Transforming the Future’, our intention is to turn this conference moment into a sustainability¬†movement¬†by challenging old thinking and fostering innovation, collaboration, resilience and genuinely effective action. If you have a program, project or research that does just that, then we want to hear about it!

Listening to Country

Listen to Country and First Nations Peoples, listen both inwards to ourselves and outwards to others and the Earth, listen to the quieter marginalised voices and listen to children and youth. Listening can promote well-being for all and experiential engagement with the natural environment.

Learning Together

Share engaging, innovative and transformative pedagogies, learn about curriculum through an interdisciplinary lens, e.g. science, citizen science, geography, First Nations People, the arts and literature and share empowering teaching approaches underpinned by student voice.

    Transforming the Future

    Be transformed by stories of advocacy and action, be transformed by critically reflective thinking, be a leader by transforming others and regenerating the Earth and by transforming the way society operates.