Research Symposium

We would be pleased to have you to join us for the fourth biennial AAEE Research Symposium to be held online out of Mandurah, Western Australia in 2021.

This symposium will provide the space and opportunity for robust discussion, capacity building, and networking for those interested in research related to the intersections between environment, sustainability and education.

The key purpose of the Research Symposium is to deliver a high quality, interactive, inclusive, conversation-driven event that contributes to the development and growth of the environmental and sustainability education research communities in Australasia.

Who might participate?

The Symposium invites early-career to senior academics, higher degree research students, community researchers, and practitioners who are interested in research from Australasia and further afield. Indigenous, young, and other scholars from the margins are particularly encouraged to attend and act as conversation convenors.

What can you expect from the event?

The Research Symposium encourages and facilitates scholarly conversations about research, research development, research uptake, and research challenges for those interested in the intersections between environment, sustainability, and education. In line with the values of the Symposium, conversations will be deliberate, exploratory, creative, collegial and critical, where co-convenors and participants are both enabled and expected to discuss multiple perspectives on a theme.

The Research Symposium has been designed with the following values in mind:

  • commitment to open inquiry and reflexivity
  • critical sensitivity to research, its development and challenges
  • non-hierarchical and participatory formats for sessions taking place at the event
  • emphasis on interactions that are nurturing, in good humour, and ‘ego-free’
  • anticipation of generosity and collegiality towards others and their scholarship
  • inclusivity for those with a genuine interest in developing environmental and sustainability education research.

The success of the Research Symposium depends on active engagement and participation from all attendees. Rather than traditional presentations, the event will see an exchange of ideas though interactive conversations such as fishbowls, round-tables, and learning conversations. If you are interested in co-leading a conversation at the Research Symposium, please submit your Expression of Interest.

General Information

The Research Symposium is an AAEE initiative, directed by an AAEE Organising Committee with representatives from a range of States and research institutions. The Research Symposium draws on AAEE’s wider support for inquiry via the Association’s Research SIG and Journal.

The Research Symposium will take place on 22nd September 2021, from 10.00am – 5.00pm. The event will precedes the 2021 AAEE biennial conference.


$50 with students/concession $25.

All participants must register for the Research Symposium via this website. 

For further information or questions about the research symposium, please contact the Conference Organiser for this event:

Jan Bryson
Partner & Prosper
08 9443 3468

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Research Symposium Only Registration

We would be pleased to have you to join us for the fourth biennial AAEE Research Symposium.

The cost is $50 with $25 students/ concession.

If you wish to attend both the Conference and the Symposium, you can register via the Conference Registration link above