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    Here we answer some of the questions commonly raised during the AAEE 2021 Conference:

    Why wasn’t the entire conference streamed?

    The cost of streaming 4 separate rooms across 2 days would have been astronomical and consequently, reflected in the ticket prices. Due to the nature of the venue, a performing arts centre, not all rooms were equipped with the technology to cater for streaming. We understood many were experiencing difficult financial situations due to COVID and tried to make the event accessible for all.  As such it was decided to only stream the Main room and 1st breakout room in order to keep the conference affordable to attendees. 

    In regards to why the livestream stopped in the afternoon, originally the afternoon sessions were scheduled to be hands-on workshops. Through the planning process, sessions were swapped around. However, majority were still workshops and not viable to be streamed. While it was visible on the website that only 2 rooms would be streamed, we should have made this clearer in our communications and materials and for this we apologise.

    As a Speaker, why couldn’t I see my presentation in Dance Studio/Art Gallery?

    Only the Boardwalk and Fish Trap Theatres were livestreamed. Additional rooms were not livestreamed due to the excessive cost, and for aforementioned reasons. We understand the disappointment in not being able to view your own session. Q&A was difficult to facilitate and we received complaints about the lack of questions asked. Q&A was minimal throughout the whole event, both for physical and virtual sessions, and the pre-recorded sessions were not the cause for lack of Q&A.

    As a Speaker, why was pre-recording the only option to present?

    We tried to wait as long as possible to see if our interstate presenters would be able to join us in person. Once it was decided they would not be able to join us, we were faced with a challenge. Not every room was equipped to host virtual presenters, and we couldn’t squeeze every virtual presenter into the 2 streamed rooms, as there weren’t enough sessions, and we didn’t want delegates watching a full day of virtual presentations in 2 of the rooms. Our keynote speakers were the only speakers who presented live virtually, and in fairness, we requested all other presenters to pre-record. It was not the ideal situation for us, but we tried to make do. We apologise to those who were disappointed with the result

    The cost of the tickets was high.

    It’s not cheap to run a conference. Keep in mind catering, venue, tours, event management and AV costs. The cost of setting up the virtual event was not even covered by the amount of virtual registrations we sold! As a not-for-profit organisation, we couldn’t afford to run the event at a loss and so, we needed to breakeven at minimum. Keep in mind, our pricing was much cheaper than previous AAEE Conferences.

    What are you doing with our feedback?

    We are thankful to all who have provided their feedback. The amount of constructive feedback we have received is terrific to see, and we have explored solutions via a debrief meeting. We aim to better align your expectations with our event for future conferences, and we hope to see you all at the next one!


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    Further Reading

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    Post-Conference Reports

    – The 2021 Conference Committee had a dedicated waste management plan and waste management officer. Read the AAEE2021 Conference Waste Management Plan Report to see how we all did!

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