2020 Virtual Conference

2020 Virtual Conference Program

The AAEE 2020 one-day program will feature a keynote lectures, peer to peer learning and the voice of our youth.


Please note the program is subject to changes, so please ensure to check back for any updates.

Start time (AWST) Speaker Presentation
08.45am AWST / 10.45am AEST Jennifer Pearson, AAEE National President Welcome
08.55am AWST / 10.55am AEST Marianne Krasny KEYNOTE
Adaptive cycle, panarchy, and resilience: a systems perspective on environmental education
09.45am AWST / 11.45am AEST Sandra Wooltorton & colleagues A pedagogy for becoming family with place
10.20am AWST /  12.20pm AEST Charlotte Fletcher Getting on board the bandi-wagon – insights from two citizen science urban conservation programs
10.55am AWST / 12.55pm AEST Briony Towers Disaster Risk Reduction Education: Pathways Toward a Critical Pedagogy of Place

11.25am AWST / 1.25pm AEST

Lunch break
11.45am AWST / 1.45pm AEST Millenium Kids with Catrina Luz Aniere KEYNOTE
One thousand actions for the planet
12.35pm AWST / 2.35pm AEST Millenium Kids, Red Crpss Youth panel on climate action
1.05pm AWST / 3.05pm AEST Bonnie Beal Richardson, City of Mandurah Conference close
1.15pm AWST / 3.15pm AEST various Virtual tours

In lieu of bringing you a full three day conference this year, the Conference Committee is excited to be able to bring you a teaser to the full conference (now planned for September 28 – October 1 in 2021) on Wednesday 30 September, 2020. Hear from some of those who would have been delivering at the Conference this year, inspired by the very-apt resilience theory as it relates to environmental and sustainability education.

Our virtual AAEE2020 will highlight the following themes:

• Optimism for a changing world
• Systems approach and resilience theory
• Showcasing community-led examples
• Education as transformative citizenship
• Future’s Thinking
• Exploring values-based communication
• Recognition of Aboriginal knowledge
• Respectful intergenerational collaboration
• Reconnection for agency of nature
• Technologies and education for sustainability
• Valuing an informed, diverse world