Inspired by moving local examples, resilience theory, and Mandurah’s relaxed waterside lifestyle, Mandjoogoordap: Changing Tides aims to showcase innovative, practical and effective tools to help us “change the tides” of environmental and sustainability education.

Mandjoogoordap is the traditional name of Mandurah, and means “meeting place of the heart”. The conference program nods to both the Aboriginal history of Mandurah as a meeting place, and our intention as a chapter to open hearts to a movement of change.

AAEE2020 will highlight this through the following themes:

• Optimism for a changing world
• Systems approach and resilience theory
• Showcasing community-led examples
• Education as transformative citizenship
• Future’s Thinking
• Exploring values-based communication
• Recognition of Aboriginal knowledge
• Respectful intergenerational collaboration
• Reconnection for agency of nature
• Technologies and education for sustainability
• Valuing an informed, diverse world

Our intention is to turn this conference moment into a movement by challenging old thinking and fostering innovation and genuinely effective action.

Conference Program

The AAEE 2020 program will feature keynote lectures, peer to peer learning, posters and interactive workshops.

The detailed program will be available to download soon. 

Information on pre and post conference tours will be available soon.

Please note the program is subject to changes, so please ensure to check back for any updates.

Monday 28th September (WA Public Holiday)

AAEE National Executive Meeting

Tuesday 29th September

Conference Day 1

Wednesday 30th September

Conference Day 1

Conference Dinner

Thursday 1st October

Conference Day 3

Friday 2nd October

Research Symposium