Social Events

Social Events Welcome Event Monday, 27 September 2021 Contemporary Arts Spaces Mandurah (CASM), AAEEWA, and the City of Mandurah are thrilled to invite you to a special Conference Welcome Event. CASM has graciously opened it’s exhibition doors to AAEE conference...

Reconvene to share learning

Facilitated session for break-out rooms to report back to the larger symposium. Q&A Using SilDo Summary of key points from interactive sessions Closing Words: Call to arms

Building a Research Profile

Join Amy Cutter McKenzie Knowles in Room 3 for some useful insights into building your research profile plus the opportunity to ‘meet’ other researchers, share your research focus and ask those questions you just never getthe chance to ask.

Green School Movements

Join Annette Gough in Room 2 to discuss green school movements around the world, and their impact on the development and implementation of education for sustainable development in these countries.